Renting – Tips for new Tenants

As housing prices around the country continue to go up, renting is becoming a more preferable option for many people around the UK, reportedly 3.9 million people rent their properties in the UK according to The Telegraph.

With such a boom in renting it can be easy to miss important things when reading and end up falling short of being fully informed. So here are some top tips for new tenants.

Be as familiar as possible with your tenancy agreement

You are entitled to many rights including the likes of living in a well-maintained property that is safe and in a good state of repair. Do not be afraid to check against the Right to Rent government guidance guide, something your landlord or letting agent is legally obliged to provide you.

Remember your own responsibilities

Your own responsibilities are there to protect yourself as much as to protect your landlord. You must allow access to your home for repairs (although you are entitled 24 hours notice), pay the agreed rent and report any repairs the home needs as and when they occur. Not playing the model tenant gives your landlord the power to evict you.

Your landlord has personal maintenance responsibilities

Living in a safe home in a good state of repair is one of the largest responsibilities a landlord has to you. This includes gas safety, electrical safety, provision of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Finally, make your house your home but ensure you meet your tenancy agreement, don’t damage the property and pay your rent and bills as and when required in order to ensure you get your full deposit back.

There is a bounty of information for tenants to ensure they are receiving what they deserve from a landlord but also to ensure they know the guidelines when it comes to renting a home. As more people rent homes it undoubtedly becomes easier to understand the process and rent a home hassle and stress free.