New Year, New House?

The new year is a catalyst for change, so it wouldn’t be surprising if 2018 sparks a desire for a change of scenery or perhaps a fresh start. But buying a house is a pretty big deal, so, before you get carried away searching for your new dream home, now is the time to do a little bit of research. Be savvy, ask yourself when is the best time to buy a house and you’ll have a much better pick of the market without paying through the nose for it!

Whilst location is raved about as being the most important factor when buying a house (and yes, we agree it’s certainly up there) timing can be crucial, too. We’re here to help guide you on the best time to buy and what you need to consider.

Spring is a good time to look at buying as the market is usually inundated with new listings, as a lot of people have the urge to start fresh in the new year. However, whilst this will mean there’s a lot of choice, there is also a high demand, meaning it’s far more competitive. So, if you aren’t tied to a budget this a great time to look but if you’re trying not to delve too deeply into your pockets, this might not be the best time.

Winter is normally associated with being a poor time to sell, with the stress of the festive period on everyone’s mind, moving to a new house (and all the hassle and planning it brings) is normally avoided at all costs. However, whilst this isn’t typically viewed as the best time to buy a house, it can actually work in your favour. You can snatch up some good deals if you bargain right, as the relief of selling before the festive period hits, can mean that sellers will accept less than the asking price. However, it is a stressful time for many, and if you have young children, moving house around Christmas time could be quite a task!

Summer is very similar to winter; demand is usually quite low, so searching after July is ideal in giving you the ability to negotiate a good deal below the asking price. However, at the same time, this can mean that options aren’t as great, so if you’re after something particular then this probably isn’t when you should be looking to buy.

Universally, autumn is seen as an ideal time. The weather is normally good for viewing properties and the dark evenings haven’t yet set in. It’s also the time when children are going back to school, so if the move is a big one, autumn is often the best time for it. What’s more, it gives you plenty of time to get settled before the Christmas holidays, thereby helping to limit the stress.

Ultimately, it depends on you; when is the best time to buy a house that will limit the hassle and give you the best options? It’s important to do some research without getting carried away wanting to move as soon possible. Just keep in mind your budget, range of choice and the circumstances of your work, family and any holidays you’ve got booked. Happy house hunting!