10 Great Reasons To Live In The Countryside

At Autograph Estate Agents we sell properties in Chudleigh and a 25 mile radius – all situated in the beautiful Devonshire countryside – and we’re pretty enamoured by the area. Whether you’ve been thinking about moving for a while or you’re a die-hard city-dweller, we’re sure we can convince you to make your next move one to the countryside.

1.    Get away from busy city life 

City life is notoriously hectic; rushing from A to B, surrounded by crowds of faceless people and road-rage car horns reverberating the air. We’re sure you’d be lying if you hadn’t considered what a more peaceful life would be like in the countryside. In the midst of a busy commute, an idyll Google search of country life is enough to make the heart yearn. Simply look at some of the properties in Chudleigh on the market to see all that could be yours, if you lived in the peaceful countryside.

2.    Less pollution 

Due to the significant lack of cars and factories there is less pollution, smog and smoke in the countryside, meaning the air is cleaner and purer. The health benefits are numerous to you and your family and we promise you’ll notice the difference.

3.    Nature 

Nature is literally at your doorstep, giving you scenic views that make your early morning start a little bit better. All this beauty gives you an opportunity to explore on your days off, too. Whether you’re a keen cyclist, runner or just love a good ramble, the countryside is the perfect place for you.

4.    More affordable 

It’s no secret you get more for your money in the countryside, whether you’re dreaming of a bigger house or just a cheaper pint at your local pub, the countryside is the place to save money.

5.    Family-friendly 

The countryside is a great place to raise a family with nature to explore, smaller, safer communities and more affordable large homes with a garden. Bond over family walks in your matching wellies!

6.    More space 

You can get a lot more for your money in the countryside. Whether it’s more bedrooms you want or a garden for children to play in (or that dog you’ve always wanted!) Take a look at some of our properties in Chudleigh, Newton Abbot and the 25 mile radius, to see the space you could afford.

7.    Lower crime rates 

Crime rates are much lower in the countryside in comparison to big cities. Smaller communities mean crime is mostly non-existent in the countryside, which undoubtedly will make you sleep easier.

8.    Less noise 

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping rather than angry commuters or noisy neighbours. Country life means a lot more peace and quiet; hear that? Exactly.

9.    Fresh produce 

Whether you want to get your fingers green with your new garden or start visiting local farmer’s markets, living in the countryside makes fresh and local produce more accessible.

10.    Small community 

Not only do small communities generally mean lower crime rates as we mentioned, it’s also a nicer quality of life. In places where everyone knows their neighbours and the local shopkeeper knows your order by name, the friendly vibe is enough to make anyone feel at home.

If we’ve managed to convince you, why not view some of our properties in Chudleigh? We’re sure you’ll fall in love.