Escape to the country

Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? You wouldn’t be the first to look for an escape to the idyllic setting of country living. At Autograph we pride ourselves in being one of the best estate agents in Chudleigh — small picturesque towns like Chudleigh are full of charm and character, perfect for the beautiful relocation you’ve always dreamed of. Located in the Devonshire countryside, it is steeped with historical background dating back 1,000’s of years and has the picturesque landscape urban dwellers can only imagine. But this is only a snapshot of the many reasons we think you should move out of the city and into the countryside:

Value for money

It’s no secret that your money will go further in the country than a big city like London. For the same price, you could quite literally double your living space in a town like Chudleigh! Say goodbye to living on top of each other, clambering for space. Houses in the country also boast beautiful gardens that are perfect for the kids to blow off steam, for the dogs to get that much-needed exercise, or to pick up a new gardening hobby and get those green fingers active. With picturesque views right from the bedroom window, even those grey Monday mornings will be that bit more manageable!

The charm

As estate agents in Chudleigh, we know all too well that the countryside is perfect for getting away from the endless movement of city life. Tightly-packed tubes, congested roads and noisy traffic could become things of the past. Chudleigh houses the perfect combination of tranquil country life, while still being a lively market town. With landmarks such as Ugbrooke House and Haldon Forest close by and character houses and store fronts that boast hundreds of years of history, Chudleigh looks as though it has stepped out of a postcard.

The community

Country towns harbour small yet thriving communities. We are proud to be part of that community in Chudleigh as estate agents and as locals. Chudleigh’s abundance of small independently-owned shops, restaurants and pubs create a lovely welcoming vibe. The town is the perfect size for having lots of variety and plenty to do, you will never be bored, whilst still having a personal touch and a lot of friendly faces.

Being in the actual countryside…

Living in the country means the wonders of nature are all around you. Chudleigh’s location means Dartmoor National Park is right on its doorstep; rolling hills and miles of moors create breath-taking views and the ideal place for family walks with no end to the exploring. The location also lends itself to a variety of sporting activities such as cycling, rowing, hiking, running and climbing, just to name a few! Whether you want to get on a fitness kick, pick up a new hobby or spend more time as a family – the countryside ticks all the boxes.

There’s no better time to take the leap than now if moving to the countryside appeals to you, then get in touch with us at Autograph Estate Agents!