Dream Homes

Everyone has a dream home, they may alter as they grow older, explore other peoples homes or even travel the world, but there is no doubt people have aspirations to what they want their homes to look and feel like. This blog is all about the various attributes that come into play when people start to fantasise about their dream homes.


It is arguably presumptuous to presume that everyone’s dream homes are vast, expansive and many roomed castles or mansions. For some, if not many, dream homes can actually incorporate making the most of small spaces – a cozy haven away from the carnage of cities or carefully interior designed flats that offer easy access to the chaos of cities. Of course, the majority of people seek something of middle ground, space to live but space that can be filled.


Swimming pool, tennis court, walk in wardrobe, spiral staircase… the list goes on. There is an abundance of add ons when it comes to creating a dream home. Watching one episode of Grand Designs is all you need to realise the various ways architects create, often out of nothing, various facilities you may not have even thought about previously.

Coast or City

Finally; location, location, location. Where a home is situated is a huge part of any new home buyers preferences. Just think of people who move to be closer to or further from cities and or the countryside. Countryside homes are associated with that of happy families and city flats for the young working professionals. Therefore, it is arguably this factor of dream home deliberations that is most changeable as our lives change and our priorities switch between a whole array of things.

We hope this blog has inspired you to think a bit harder about what your dream home might entail and what factors are important to you when it comes to dreaming up your visions.