How To Choose An Estate Agent That’s Right For You

Buying, renting or selling a house is a pretty big deal and you’re going to want people you can trust on board. It can seem quite daunting with so many estate agents out there to choose from, so we’ve compiled a guide on how to choose an estate agent that’s right for you!

1. Make a shortlist of local estate agents

Carry out a quick Google search to see the estate agents available in your local area. Local estate agents will have a thorough knowledge of the area, which will be invaluable to you. Jot down a few names so you can start comparing them.

2. Investigate

Now the real research begins. If you don’t know how to choose an estate agent from the bunch, take a look at their website, reviews, social media etc. to find out more. Reviews from other customers are really helpful to get a good idea of what each agent is like. Make sure you check that the review website is an independent web page, to ensure there isn’t any bias. Social media pages will be especially helpful, as they’ll show up-to-date comments and testimonials.

3. Arrange a meeting

This is the only way to get a sense of whether you’d get along. Like we said, choosing an estate agent is a pretty big deal. It’s important you have an estate agent you not only trust but genuinely get along with too. Any process with property can be lengthy, so chances are you’ll end up spending a lot of time with your agent. Most estate agents will be happy to have an informal meeting with you and it’ll be worth it in the long run. So take the extra time to choose the perfect estate agent.

4. Ask lots of questions

You’ll want to get an idea of their professionalism and knowledge so prepare for the meeting before you come. Make a list of questions or queries you have; remember there are no stupid questions! You want an estate agent that is going to do their very best to get you the best deal, so use this time to test their ability. Sometimes, how to choose an estate agent simply comes down to feeling confident in your choice.

5. Compare fees and inquire about additional costs for things like advertising or photography

Of course, costs have to come into the equation. Making a list of fees is the best way to compare different companies on paper. Remember to ask about any additional costs to ensure you don’t get any scary surprises from hidden fees. It’s best to compare a few to see what’s the average price in your area. That way, you know which companies are giving you the best value.

6. Make a decision!

Our last piece of advice on how to choose an estate agent? To actually choose! Remember, you can appoint several agencies but we think it’s generally best to pick one and stick with it. It’ll be much cheaper as you’ll pay a lower fee, and they’re likely to put in more effort knowing they’re your sole agent. Plus, it’s less for you to juggle!

We hope these tips on how to choose an estate agent have been helpful and you’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect fit! And if you’re looking for estate agents in Chudleigh or the surrounding area, get in touch today.