How To Boost The Value Of Your Home

The time has come to put your house on the market and whether you’re getting a visit from a potential buyer or a valuation agent, it goes without saying that ensuring your house is in the best condition will make it more appealing and boost its value. So here are some easy ways to do so.

Spruce it up…

To make your house look it’s very best, go beyond giving it a quick hoover and ramming everything in a cupboard. Take time to organise and declutter your home. This may involve a few trips to the charity shop but not only will it give a better impression to onlookers, it’ll save you time when it comes to packing up during moving week. Since you’re taking this time to sort everything out, it’s a perfect opportunity to give some rooms a lick of paint too. It’s an age-old trick, but a fresh coat of colour really will brighten up your home and make it look more inviting.

Remember first impressions count

On entering your property most people see your front garden first. Make sure the lawn is mown and the grass is weeded. If you don’t mind getting your fingers a little dirty, planting a few flowers never hurt either! If the front of the house is looking a little tired then potential buyers will notice. Replace your front door if it’s seen better days and clean the grouting between your windows. If you can hire a pressure cleaner, it will freshen up your driveway and patio with minimal effort on your part. Your front garden will look sparkling and clean in no time!

If you have a bigger budget…

These are all cheap and easy ways to make your home more appealing, but if you have the money there are other ways you can majorly boost the value of a property. Have you considered converting part of your attic into another room? An extra bedroom in your house will add value, or you can market it as an office or games room. Loft conversions are really hot right now and the extra space will appeal to buyers.

Also, consider modernising any features of your house that are starting to look a bit drab. If your bathroom and kitchen look a bit old-fashioned it may put people off, especially if they feel they’ll have to put money and effort into redecorating. It is important to budget accordingly, though, and seek advice first. This is about profit so you don’t want to be spending any more money than the value it will add.

So whether you’re looking for grand-scale renovations or some quick ways to make your house more appealing, these ideas will help to increase the value of your house; good luck!