5 Questions To Ask Before Renting a House in Chudleigh

Renting is becoming a more and more popular choice. If you’re looking to rent in Chudleigh (or indeed anywhere in the UK) there are some important things to take into consideration first though. Here are five crucial questions to ask before renting a house.

1. What’s included in the rent? 

This question is of vital importance. You need to know whether the monthly cost includes bills, as this is a major part of your budgeting. If bills are included, the landlord will normally cover costs within ‘reasonable use’. It’s important that you ask for specific figures, as going over the capped amount can cause expensive fines. If you’re looking to rent in Chudleigh, you should also ask whether the property is furnished and if parking is available, as these are all costs that might be imposed on you when you move in.

2. Am I allowed to decorate?

Sometimes! But if you’re going to want to whip out those interior design catalogues immediately, hold fire before starting! Different landlords will be particular about what you can and cannot do. Some will make decisions depending on the length of your lease and the colour schemes you’re proposing. It’s best to ask before you spend hours matching up the perfect colour swatches for the home you’re planning to rent in Chudleigh.

3. Where is the nearest shop, local bus stop etc.?

Before you rent in Chudleigh you should find out a bit about the charms of Chudleigh itself, as well as where your house is located in relation to the local amenities. If you don’t have a car, finding out information about public transport and other facilities is vital and may impact your decision. You probably won’t want to trek miles and miles for an emergency pint of milk!

4. Is there a break clause or a release clause?

This is really important to know before signing a contract or any rental scheme in the future. A break clause enables either your landlord or you to end the lease earlier than your agreed tenancy dates. Whilst this could be useful to you, it does take away an element of security and it’s something to think about before you sign, depending on your circumstances.

5. Am I allowed pets?

If you’re a pet owner or considering getting a pet, beware that a lot of landlords have a no pet policy. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone but it’s always best to ask. Even if the landlord is happy for you to have pets, they are going to want to know upfront as it may also affect the damage deposit they ask for. So make sure you consider your furry friends before making a decision!

So, if you’re looking to rent in Chudleigh these are our top five questions to ask beforehand. And if you’re in need of estate agents in Chudleigh to help find your dream rental, get in touch today.