4 Ways to Embrace Summer in your home

Living in Devon affords us a whole range of treats throughout the year but residents all know the county really comes into its own in summer. When the near by beaches can be swum from, and National Parks become meadows of flowers and sunny patches to picnic in. This month we wanted the blog to explore how we can bring summer to our homes as much as it comes to the countryside – inside and outside.


Conservatories are of course the most obvious approach to get as much of a days sun as possible, the glass trapping the warmth of the day to stay long after the sun goes down. They offer the chance to take in the entirety of what is going on outside from the comfort of inside – no wind or rain disturbance and a fantastic place to relax.

Alternatively, installing rolling doors between your kitchen and garden is an increasingly popular way to literally bring the fresh air inside while still enjoying the shelter of a roof over your head.


Perhaps you are a seasoned horticulturist and already reap the benefits of gardening in your own gardening or an allotment. However, if not there really is no other better time to start than summer. Whether you simply embark on some small landscaping alterations or plant enough fruit and vegetables to survive the winter is entirely up to you. Think of it as a fantastic excuse to get into the sunshine and be inspired by the scenery around you.

And finally, fill your home with memories of summer; pressed flowers from the park, shells from the beach and pictures of the family on the beach or in the sea adorning your walls. Fingers crossed for fantastic weather but regardless have a fantastic summer in your homes and outside them!