3 Reasons To Move To Buckfastleigh

The small market town of Buckfastleigh, situated in South Devon, is a real gem. The diverse and lively atmosphere makes it constantly exciting, whilst the nearly 1000-year history makes it a continually interesting place to explore. However, if you need to be sold on the place, here are our three top reasons to move to Buckfastleigh.

  1. The scenery

As if taken straight from a postcard, Buckfastleigh inhabits all the beautiful tropes of a small country town. Surrounded by lush green hills and riverbanks, the scenery is enough to take anyone’s breath away. If you move through the hedge-rowed country lanes and into the town, you’ll be greeted with the picturesque cobbled streets and bow-windowed Victorian homes. The town is steeped in the historical significance of Buckleigh’s development during the Industrial Revolution. It’s this mixture of town and country, of old and modern, which makes it a spectacular sight to behold. What could be more idyllic to wake up to every single day?

  1. You can be at the coast or in the city in half an hour

Not only does it look beautiful, but Buckfastleigh’s location is pretty amazing too! It’s situated on the Devon Expressway, just on the edge of Dartmoor National Park – a sight of supreme natural beauty in itself. You’ll have miles of moors to ramble through and discover, an ideal activity for every Sunday afternoon. If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll be excited by the plethora of cycle paths and routes that mean no end to your exploring! And that’s not all, just a short drive and you’ll be at the coast so sand and sea are on your doorstep too!

If you want to escape the countryside or fancy something a little more cosmopolitan, you have the best of both worlds in Buckfastleigh. Within half an hour you can be in Exeter, the beautiful Devonshire City that combines a historical past with a modern, vibrant feel. There, you can explore the variety of shops ranging from large departments to small, unique independent businesses, as well as a large selection of restaurants, café’s and bars.  

  1. The ducks!

How could we talk about Buckfastleigh without mentioning our favourite inhabitants, the wonderful Muscovy ducks! Like stepping into a Beatrix Potter story, these delightful little creatures are amongst some of the oldest residents of Buckfastleigh. Loved and cherished by locals and tourists alike, the Muscovy ducks are as quintessential to the town as the hilly green fields it lies on. Buckfastleigh’s ducks are prided on being friendly and much to the amusement of many children they always welcome any spare bread thrown their way! If you don’t believe how loveable the fluffy ducks are, then check out their very own twitter page to keep up to date with their mischievous antics!

We can’t recommend Buckfastleigh enough if you’re looking to move. But if you need more convincing, check out some of the current properties on the market in the area!